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  • 1.6


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  • Upload Date: October 24, 2012

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  • Velocity/HTML Template
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    James Ransford
  • Description:

    This module adds a calendar restlet to your installation of XNAT that will return an iCalendar feed containing experiments stored within your XNAT. The start time for the experiment event is the start time of the first scan. The end time is the start time of the last scan. If it is a non-imaging session or the start/end time cannot be found it will be listed as an all-day event.

    Adding calendar feed to Outlook:

    You can add the iCal to Outlook as a web calendar by going to outlook and clicking Calendar > Open Calendar > From Internet. Type in the URL to the restlet with your filters. (e.g. webcal://www.yourxnat.org/data/services/calendar?projects=test1) Outlook will prompt you for your XNAT credentials, then will download the feed and periodically check it for updates. (Outlook will cache this username/password)

    Outlook will convert all event times to local time! If your scanner is located in a different time zone, the event time might appear incorrect. Since XNAT does not support time zones there really is no clean fix for this. There are plans to add custom time zone rules to this module. (e.g. admins could set the calendar time zone for a specific project or scanner)

    Caveat: I am not sure how this calendar feed will behave in other calendar applications other than Outlook. Since we use Outlook at NRG, that was the main focus.

    The calendar feed does contain sensitive information such as project id, subject label, investigator names. Be wary of loading this into web calendar applications such as Google Calendar.

    Source: https://bitbucket.org/ransfordj/xnat_calendar

  • Environment where add-on is currently running:

    Tested only with vanilla XNAT 1.6 installations.

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