Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a Module and a Plugin?

A: A plugin is a piece of functionality that can be installed, and once installed dynamically, it can be removed without requiring a rebuild of your application. A module has to be installed as part of the deployment or update process, and once a module is installed, it is very difficult to undo. XNAT 1.x uses modules, and does not support plugins. XNAT 2.x uses plugins, and will not support modules.

Q: Will my XNAT Add-ons for XNAT 1.x be compatible with XNAT 2.x?

A: As a general rule, no. XNAT 2.0 is going to be rebuilt from the ground up, and the way plugins and pipelines interface with the new version of XNAT is expected to change. The exception to this rule comes in the form of XNAT Tools and scripts that are built on the REST API.

Q: Who can create and submit add-ons?

A: We encourage any member of the XNAT Community to share advancements that they have made. Only authors that have been approved by an XNAT Marketplace admin will be able to publish add-ons. Because we do not have the bandwidth to review each and every add-on that is submitted, we are exercising quality control in this manner, by restricting publishing capabilities to trusted authors. If you would like to submit a contribution for review in hopes of becoming a trusted author, please contact us.

More questions? You can hopefully find answers in our Marketplace Documentation.