MR Resources Display plugin

Works with XNAT versions:

  • 1.7.3


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  • Version: 0.1 (alpha)
  • License: GPL
  • Upload Date: September 7, 2017

This Plugin Accesses:

  • Velocity/HTML Template
  • Database
  • Credits:

    James Cole (ICL)
  • Description:

    This plugin is actually a tiny hack for including an additional ‘Display Field’ in mrSessionsData data-type listings with an aggregate of existing resource collections per each MRSession experiment, similar-to and inspired-by the existing mrSessionsData ‘Scans’ field.

    The plugin was conceived for easily providing an informative per-session list of resources (i.e. derived data bundles generated from automated processing pipelines).

    Important: Note that installing this XNAT plugin implies slightly modifying the database, i.e. creating additional database views.

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