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  • 1.6
  • 1.6.3


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  • Version: 1.2 (beta)
  • License: GPL
  • Upload Date: June 15, 2016

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    XNAT pipeline for forwarding data from local-based XNAT instance to CTP (for anonymisation) and/or to an additional XNAT node.

    Using such pipeline eases the eventual anonymisation and export procedure of DICOM data (click and export) and therefore the capability of exchanging specific imaging data sets.

    The pipeline consists of the following steps:
    (1) Create a directory structure for hosting data
    (2) Pulls deflated data from XNAT
    (3) Unzip image data
    (4) Replace PatientID and PatientName tags with XNAT value for Subject Label by calling DCMTK tools.
    (5) Forward data (DICOM C-STORE SCU) to an existing DICOM node
    (6) Delete temporary directories & files
    (7) Notify (if requested) the end-user when completed.

    The following third-party executable apps are used and should be accessible by the pipeline engine:
    . dcmodify (DCMTK tool kit)
    . storescu (DCMTK tool kit)

    Note: This pipeline permits selecting an specific sub-set of scans from a DICOM study to export. If pipeline is called via the REST API without a list of affected scans, all scans are processed by default.

    More information on how to install a pipeline in XNAT here: https://wiki.xnat.org/display/XNAT/Installing+Pipelines+in+XNAT

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