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  • Version: 1.0 (production)
  • License: MIT
  • Upload Date: September 20, 2016

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  • Credits:

    Matthew South
  • Description:

    The Ribbon plugin allows you to add a display sash to your XNAT 1.6 instance, very similar to the “fork me on github” sashes you sometimes see in other software library homepages. Its main purpose is to indicate testing or staging deployments of XNAT without needing to change any other element of the xnat instance. The uploaded module provides a green “TESTING” sash but you can customise this to your own needs.


    You can build your own ribbon that customises the following properties:

    • text,
    • clickable url,
    • text color,
    • background color,
    • border color.

    You can do this by cloning the github repository, editing the file and building your own copy of the module.

  • Environment where add-on is currently running:

    Ribbons have been used during the testing phases of the DPUK platform to indicate the current phase of testing and direct users to accompanying information pages.
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