Visits & Protocols Plugin Alpha (for XNAT 1.7)

Works with XNAT versions:

  • 1.7


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  • Version: 1.1a (alpha)
  • License: BSD 2-Clause
  • Upload Date: June 4, 2016

This Plugin Accesses:

  • Velocity/HTML Template
  • Database
  • Java Classes
  • CSS Style Sheet
  • Credits:

    Justin Cleveland, John Smith, Jordan Woerndle, RIck Herrick
  • Description:

    The Visits & Protocols module adds visit scheduling and experiment/session tracking features to XNAT and allows research coordinators greater ability to track project protocol requirements, missed visits and progress reports. This is an alpha release candidate currently. Future versions will support advanced features like XNAT 1.7 integrated themes, multi-ARM protocols, greater event notification options and protocol report dashboards.

  • Environment where add-on is currently running:

    XNAT 1.7.0
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